Transformation – Renae Howarth


*Renae has been with Terrific Fitness for three years now, but it wasn’t until 2014 when the penny dropped for her. Renae always attended her training and ‘ate well’ but never saw any overwhelming results. This would bring her down and cause her to emotional eat. She struggled with her self-esteem and was always very critical of herself. She would never take a compliment and was always very negative about herself and her body.When Renae first joined TF she was a bit of a loner. She rarely paired up with anyone and hardly joined in with any conversation. She would come in, train and leave. She wasn’t one to socialize with the other members or get too involved with the group conversation on Facebook. In fact, she barely spoke to me either. As time wore on and I got to know her better she started opening up chatting with me more. When she joined boxing she had no choice but to partner up with someone, which forced her to come out of her shell. She started chatting with Shauna more and more, and three years on these two are best of friends; two peas in a pod!Since joining TF Renae has lost a total of 53.5cm with 12cm being from her waist and 12.5cm being from her hips. She now has an extremely sculptured body with muscles pumping everywhere. She is ridiculously fit and always puts 110% in her training, always asking for the harder options and working on perfecting her technique with every skill. She has upped the ante in a crazy way!

Today, Renae is one of the most social members of our team and not only gets involved in the Facebook group conversations, but shares her meals, her wins and losses, giving hope and inspiration to so many others in our community.

Something really clicked with Renae this year and she did a complete 360. Not only did she step it up in training, but she transformed her eating completely. Where she used to think she ate well, she realized, there was so much more she could be fine tuning appropriate for her body type. She started paying attention to the things her body was showing her; what worked for her in her nutrition and what didn’t. Every person is different. Some people can follow the basic principles of eating fresh food and lose weight and others can’t. That’s because some fresh food may in fact cause an intolerance or allergy. Once these were fine tuned for Renae she worked with it. It was so much easier for her to recognize symptoms and signs in her own body knowing what worked and what didn’t. This is when she started burning fat and building muscle definition.

For me though, the biggest transformation was not the physical for Renae, but the emotional. She was always so hard on herself, very critical and negative. She would NEVER take a compliment and always found something to pick on, on her body. But to see her today brings tears to my eyes; She is so much more confident and willing to accept compliments. At her 40th birthday she glowed with pride and looked absolutely stunning. She now acknowledges that even though there are things she would still like to work on (let’s face it, we all aim to improve) she is very proud of herself and how far she has come and is starting to respect herself more and more with each passing day. Her husband is extremely proud of her and loves that she herself is finally appreciating all her hard work.

Renae, it has been a very long journey for you emotionally, mentally and physically; I have walked every single step with you. Many a time I would measure you and come home in tears because I felt I let you down. I always asked myself, have I missed something? I am so proud of you, to look at you, talk to you and hold you in my arms in a bear hug, knowing we got there in the end. You look friggen awesome!!! And the fact that you are finally proud of yourself and not self-conscious like you used to be, makes me so happy, I well with tears when I think about it. I’m super proud of you babe and I want the world to know how amazing you are both inside and out. You have the biggest most caring heart and love with your everything and you deserve to be happy and proud. You deserve the world and more. I love you loads!!

“My life before TF was an overweight unfit Mum. I have generally kept fairly fit and was a nice fit 53kg girl who met her husband but then didn’t train as much, gave up smoking and started putting the weight on. It was 2 years after having my daughter that I got the push to go do something for myself. When I started with TF I was on ‘Lite n Easy’ for the 2nd time. I had lost 6 kilo’s with ‘Lite n Easy’ and also walking on my treadmill but as soon as I stopped, the weight came back. I had also tried all the shakes you could think of and even the weight loss pills and duromine. As soon as I wasn’t strict though, the weight would come back on.

I turned to Terrific Fitness as a friend from work had been a member and raved about it. I turned up and was scared. Some may think that I would be a confident person but I do take a while to make friends and I am actually quite shy at first… I walked into the room and all I saw were mirrors everywhere and thought… is it too late to leave. I am one to hide in the back. I know how to exercise and have always been fine with aerobic routines but hate being at the front. Here there was no choice. But Terri was amazing. She was so friendly and made me feel welcome and at ease. The team members were also great and I felt comfortable and enjoyed going to boot camp.

At first I started with one night a week. That was great. I would juggle work, kids, home life and also get an exercise session in. I tried out boxing a few times and fell in love with it so I increased my nights to 2 nights a week. One of circuit and the other boxing. I think it was just this year that I dropped circuit and now do 2 nights of boxing as I absolutely LOVE it. I feel fit, strong and enjoy going to every class.

My head really hasn’t been in it since the start though. I have seen some results but I felt that because I trained so hard that I would see more results. Getting measured was scary and I would be upset if I didn’t get the results I thought I should get so I ate… Just to feel better. I then started to dread measurements and missed a couple of rounds because of the fear of failure. But now I look forward to measurements. It makes me work harder to see the results. I don’t feel the need to go home and eat, even if I don’t always get the see the results that I do think I should get. I just start thinking what I can do differently to see those results.

This year I also attended my first workshop since the old days when Terri ran them. It has changed completely and I loved every minute of it. It really does give you that extra push if you are wanting to change the way you are thinking for the better. The workshop helped me get more on track though and so I could start focusing on my goal. It is always really good to have goals. I had set a goal to look good for my 40th. To do this, I picked up an extra night of training and did smash class, just so I could smash my body. I think it worked too. I couldn’t have felt happier walking around at my 40th. Nutrition is a major part of getting results. I have eaten quite good since late last year but this last couple of rounds, I have really taken it to the next notch. Trust me… you cannot see results, if you do not put in the hard yards… That is 100% nutrition and attending I believe 3 nights as a minimum of exercise! But everyone’s body is different.

I’m receiving heaps of comments and/or looks from team mates, strangers and it is making me feel more confident about myself. I am putting on my shorty shorts and not worried if my thighs look too big in them.

It has just gone 3 years since I have been with TF. I have never stuck at one place this long to do with exercise. I cannot see myself being anywhere else.

The last 6 months though for me have been my turnaround. I absolutely love training and I train best when I am not at home… There is always something to do at home. Or the kids need something. This is my time at TF. I am doing it for myself and I believe that we all need it. I feel so good inside and out.

I work full time and have 2 young children so it is hard juggling everything, especially when my husband is busy with his own business.

There are a great bunch of people that I have met through boot-camp/circuit and who I can call my dear friends. I even met one of my best friends at boot camp and she is also my training partner – Shauna. Shauna is always there for me, if I am having a downer day and I am always there for her too. It is such a great community!!

If you are thinking you want to change the way you look or feel better inside and out, meet new people, train in a friendly environment, then don’t waste any more time… Enroll now!!
My motto is – train hard or go home!!” – Renae Howarth, South Morang

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