Transformation – Renae Tedesco

*Renae was referred to me by one of my clients. She has Crohn’s Disease and it had flared up again quite bad in 7-8 places. She has already had 30cm of her small intestine removed and was developing ulcerations over the joint where she had previously been operated.

Renae has 2 boys under 2 and put on weight she just couldn’t shake. This was all affecting her quality of life, as well as always worrying about where the toilet would be when going out. In the end, she came to see me, in sheer desperation.

She came to see me in early October, where she informed me of her medical history. Crohn’s Disease is an autoimmune disease. All autoimmune disease symptoms are made worse by the consumption of gluten. As we discussed this and I explained the full effects of gluten, Renae agreed to try going gluten free and see if it helped her at all. The beauty was she was booked in for her follow up colonoscopy, which would serve as an excellent review of her situation, as well as how she personally was feeling.

Back in May she had a great deal of inflammation, infection, and ulcerations. Her specialist was very concerned about her. She was on all sorts of medication and really struggling. After our initial consultation, she opted to try eating gluten free. The results? She has had a huge reduction in her requirement of toilet trips, she feels amazing, looks amazing, has dropped over 5kg (she changed nothing else in her diet!) and had her follow up colonoscopy. The Colonoscopy in late October showed no inflammation, a vast reduction in ulcerations and no infection. As you can see from the images attached and her specialist’s report, Renae is doing remarkably well!!!! This is only after just 4 weeks of eating gluten free. Imagine how well she will feel in 12 months when her body has settled down and is not fighting to survive anymore!

When her specialist asked her what she had done differently, she informed him she cut out gluten. He was stoked and very supportive. In fact he advised her to continue on the path of gluten free eating and was excited to inform her that he would not need to see her again for 12 months, unless something changed.

The sad thing is that 10 years ago Renae had a Coeliac Disease test done, which came back negative. So she continued eating gluten. Often our medical professionals and the public don’t realize that you don’t need to have Coeliac’s disease in order to be effected by gluten. Better late than never I guess.

What a success story! I am so happy for Renae!!! I was in tears of joy! She made such a minor adjustment and had her entire life turn around. This is why we both wanted to share her story, to help others that may be struggling. If you have any questions for Renae or would simply like to discuss her Crohn’s, particularly if you too are a sufferer, then please feel free to look her up and inbox her.

Another happy ending. God bless.

Renae Tedesco - Scans


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