Transformation – Renata Lazarovska

*Renata has been training with Terrific Fitness for 3 years, and joined the Personal Training Program seven months ago. During that time Renata has lost a total of 75cm from all around her body with 17.5cm being from her waist and 10.5cm from her hips. Renata has really sculptured her body since starting Personal Training and really started focusing on her nutrition. She has increased her strength   and power, kicking some serious goals in her deadlifts and squats as well as a number of other exercises.Renata Lazarovska As at 19-02-17

Renata is what we call ‘the perfect student’ taking on board everything she is taught, asking questions and doing the homework she needs in order to progress through her health and fitness. She makes full use of her supplementary training programs, going to the gym and implementing what she learns during her training with TF.

Having participated in most classes at some stage throughout her three years, Renata has worked with most of our coaches, and all agree she is an incredibly hard working young woman, and a sheer joy to train.

I am so inspired and proud of Renata and how far she has come. Renata’s coordination, strength, fitness and dedication have come leaps and bounds. She is never one to complain or offer a half-hearted effort. She just gets on with the job at hand, puts in 110% each and every time, and does so with a smile. She is truly a remarkable young lady, a true inspiration to all.

Here is Renata’s journey in her words:

“Before TF I had no goals in place to achieve and nothing to work towards. I also didn’t have a hobby to look forward to. My fitness levels were at an all-time low and I could barely do a push up or run for more than 1 minute without gasping for air. I wasn’t overly large to begin with, but I just was not happy looking at myself and had next to no confidence. 

I wanted a personal trainer as I knew I had to be pushed if I was going to commit to this long term. I was one to half commit because it all gets a little too hard sometimes. Whereas with a personal trainer, I knew they were expecting me as I had made a commitment so I didn’t want to let them down nor myself. I also needed guidance in the way my body was doing each exercise to ensure I was doing it correctly.

I had a friend who recommended Terrific Fitness so I gave it a go and it was convenient for me with the amount of night classes to choose from which worked in great with my work commitments. I could also see that it was a place for every type of person and didn’t feel uncomfortable or that I was being judged.

At the beginning I was training a few times per week but still not really watching what I was eating. I still slowly saw my body changing but not as quickly as it should have if I was stricter on my diet. I then just said if I’m going to do this I need to do it properly or I’m wasting my time of setting any goals. I increased my training to 3-4 nights per week and ate better and it made a world of a difference. Mid last year I changed up my training and started personal training with Tania and absolutely love it. I needed something different rather than just the night classes as I had done that for a few years already. I now do a lot of weight training with Tania which I had never done or thought I would like, but I love it. The feeling of being able to lift heavier and beat your last result just motivates you to keep on pushing yourself more and more each time.

I definitely changed my eating habits as I started to feel guilty anytime I was putting bad food into my body knowing it was just ruining all the effort of training I had put in throughout the week. For a long time now I have watched what I eat; I won’t lie, I do treat myself here and there when I know I can but I have also educated myself more about nutrition which makes a world of a difference when you know exactly what your putting into your body.

My life around training has completely changed as I look forward to training now. I train confidently and my body just knows its position depending on what exercise I am doing. I feel like I have educated my body throughout my journey so I know that I can do any exercise and that I will be able to get through it. When I first started I would have looked with fear for most exercises thinking, ‘how am I ever going to get through that?’

I genuinely enjoy training and even more so since I started personal training with Tania. The one on one sessions don’t even compare to anything else and you just push yourself that much more.  This is something I do on my own, in my own time, and I can focus on myself and just shut out everything else for that short time while I’m there.

[What really gets you out of your comfy lounge to attend training?] Knowing that once I get started I forget about where else I would rather be and get on with it. The feeling I have once I have finished my session overrides any doubt there was about preferring to choose the couch over training.

Anyone thinking about joining Terrific Fitness doesn’t need to think twice. It caters for every single person no matter the size, mindset or fitness levels. There are so many different personalities within TF and that’s what makes it unique. It’s a place where you can walk into and escape the everyday life you have to deal with and just work on yourself for the time that you are there. There are all sorts of classes and programs to suit anyone’s needs and goals.” – Renata Lazarovska, South Morang

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer