Transformation – Rikki Evans

rikki*This month’s Profile of the Month is our beautiful Rikki Evans. Rikki was one of our shiest members when she first joined. She struggled with coordination and lacked confidence in every way. Her strength and fitness was at an absolute low and I remember her sneaking away in her very first Smash H.I.I.T. class, for a quiet vomit.

But Rikki had determination and passion to succeed and put in just that little bit more each and every time. Each week she grew fitter and stronger. Each week she showed up with a little more determination. After attending a Nutrition Workshop and consulting one on one with me for a session, her nutrition transformed and I started to see even more change, happening even more rapidly. As her body shrunk and her strength and fitness grew, so did her smile and confidence. Today Rikki is one of our funny, cheeky members who throws the best one liners and has me laughing hysterically. I absolutely adore this little lady and everything she stands for. She is a perfect example of someone setting goals and kicking serious butt achieving them. Rikki has lost a total of 28.5cm with 12cm being from her waist alone! You go girl! Saying I am proud of you is an understatement. You inspire me with every bead of sweat and nervous giggle you show at each training session. You don’t stop until the job is done, no matter what. What an excellent role model for all young women out there. Here is Rikki’s story:

“Before starting with TF I’d reach a point where I was pretty miserable about the way I looked, I’d never been into sport or been ‘fit’ and was the heaviest I’d ever been.

The most I’d ever taken to gain some fitness was join a gym which never lasted long as I’d lose interest at the results I wasn’t seeing from ultimately the work I wasn’t putting in!

Also prior to TF I would never have participated in group fitness classes because I hated the thought of people judging me for being uncoordinated and unfit. Then something clicked for me, who cares?! People have better things to do than worry about my clumsy, sweaty arse attempting a push up or figuring out how to lunge across the room without falling!

A friend once said to me ‘nothing changes if nothing changes’ and I finally realised he couldn’t be more right and this was so true about myself. I needed to start putting those words into action.

I knew quite a few people who trained with TF and had great success, I even knew a couple of girls on the transformation page and was so impressed with them!

I started off doing a THT class once a week, had a go at circuit and realised I had no clue what I was doing with half of those exercises and felt a bit overwhelmed. I’d miss class here and there and wasn’t 100% committed.

After that I tried CORE for a few rounds and worked on muscles I didn’t know existed! Then moved onto boxing on Friday (my absolute FAV class!!) I also had a go at Smash for few rounds last year!

This round I’m doing Smash & 3 nights of boxing! I’m making this my BEST round yet!

I attended a nutrition workshop a while back and took in loads of information. I’ve learnt more in the time I’ve been at TF about what I should eat and how things affect me than in my whole life!

My nutrition isn’t perfect but it is miles away from what it was. I only wish that I was this knowledgeable 10 years ago.  

Think I joined around June 2013 and this is easily the longest I’ve stuck with anything.

Sometimes I wonder if I am all that different these days but when would I have ever been able to get through a Smash class (without a sneaky spew!) and three boxing classes a week?? That alone is enough to tell me I made a great decision finally having a go at something different! 

[When asked “How do you feel about yourself today?”] Happy, healthy and stronger every week!

I come to training to feel better about myself, to see the friendly faces and to show Terri that I appreciate everything she’s helped me achieved so far.

Be ready to be a part of something enjoyable and rewarding! Thanks so much Terri.” – Rikki Evans, Mill Park

*Weight loss and training disclaimer