Transformation – Sofia Bagas

Sofia started with TF at the beginning of August. In these 16 weeks she has not only transformed her appearance but her physical ability, to exponential levels. When Sofia started with us she was very restricted in what she could do. She couldn’t perform not 1 push up with her shoulder injury. Now she does them no problems at all. She was very careful and very apprehensive in case her injuries were worsened. As she got to know our training methodology and her trust grew in the trainers, she realized we wouldn’t have her doing anything she wouldn’t be capable of and we would always keep an eye on her, and all members, to ensure her technique was spot on, to prevent injury.

As for her physical appearance, Sofia has transformed immensely! Sofia joined near the end of Round 3 so she missed her initial assessments. Her first assessments occurred on the 11th of September. Up until here she has already lost 4kg in the four weeks since starting.

Since the 11th of September, Sofia has dropped a whopping 5kg of pure fat mass and a total of 6.5kg of weight. So in just 16 weeks, Sofia has dropped a total of 10.5kg!!!

This converts to a total of 38cm from around her body!!

Sofia is a total inspiration to everyone around her! She is such a delight to train. She takes on feedback and advice and implements recommendations to ensure maximum results. She is an awesome student and excellent team player. And that smile! What a breath of fresh air this beautiful woman is! What an honour it is to train her. Congratulations Sofia, you are an absolute legend!

Here is Sofia’s story in her words:

“Before I started at TF I was at my heaviest ever weight, I have always been a large girl even as a child, and would convince myself that I could never be thin; this is who I am. I just have big bones. Boy was I wrong.

I hated looking in the mirror, and very often would scold myself. “Why do you do this to yourself?’

My energy levels were so bad that I found it hard to walk up the stairs and was very often finding excuses to sit on the couch and do nothing. This is when the snacking would come in, anything sweet or whatever the easiest thing to reach for was. I would even eat 3-4 pieces of fruit in one sitting and still have room for the chocolate or the coffee and biscuits. Cappuccino’s every day. On the other side, on the days that I worked I would often not eat at all until 3 in the afternoon at which time I would eat non-stop until dinner and then eat dinner too.

I was going to the local gym, but due to my injuries was finding it hard to do anything worthwhile, as I was always afraid of hurting myself more. I have a shoulder problem and a partial tear in my meniscus. The gym was supervised, but no-one seemed interested.

I tried doing a pump class, which in the past I would have breezed through, and could not even hold the bar in place, let alone get any benefit out of the exercises. The instructors, while very nice, didn’t (or couldn’t) help me. 

I would go and spend most of my gym time walking on a treadmill watching a TV screen. My sessions were getting shorter and shorter. 

One morning my daughter came over and I was having the usual rant about how big I was getting and how I could not find clothes to wear because everything in a size 18 didn’t appeal to me. I was feeling very sorry for myself. She simply turned to me and said “Well do something about it!” Followed by “Tameeka goes to a place down the road and she loves it. I think you should give it a go.” She very swiftly pulled out an iPad, looked up TF showed me a few clips and put in a request for tour.

I have never looked back. When I met Terri for the first time I came home thinking, ‘yes finally someone who gets it!’

My first training sessions were not easy. I could not do a lunge at all, I could not do a plank (I think I lasted about 15 seconds); my shoulder injury made it difficult to do many of the exercises. Burpees were a definite challenge; I would literally walk my way through them.

The staff were there every time I struggled. Before I knew it myself, they were there correcting my moves and making sure I was doing things the right way. Even though I felt very handicapped I would come out feeling like I had really worked hard.

I can now do a plank for over a minute with one leg up. I can lunge without too much difficulty. My shoulder is loosening up to the point that I can do most exercises and if I come across things it simply won’t do, the fabulous trainers just give me an alternative. Even burpees don’t scare me anymore. Thanks to Tania, Terri, Theo and Lisa who are watching all the time, correcting (ever so subtly) my technique and making sure that I get the most out of every move. I still wear a knee brace while I train for a little extra security and prevention. 

I especially love the people; everyone is so nice and no-one makes you feel inadequate. Everyone is there with a purpose and it’s so nice to get that little “WAY TO GO” from a trainer or even the person next to you.

With the help of Danielle, I have completely changed my eating habits. We have always eaten well; I always cook fresh. Snacking and portion size was and always has been my downfall. Danielle has showed me how to tweak what I eat and when I eat, even how much I eat. It has been the easiest life style change I have ever made. I am rarely hungry and eat more now than ever. Now it’s the right food, and it’s so easy! I have a great relationship with fats now (the right kind) where in the past I would have avoided them. I have given up eating refined sugar and don’t even miss it anymore. 

I have been with TF for about 14-15 weeks and in that time I have change many things; I plan my meals, meal prep has become a breeze, and the more prepared I am the easier it is to stay on track. The trainers always on hand with simple little hints and tricks on how to make things easy. I have purchased my first size 14 pair of pants in as many years; all my clothes swim on me now and it feels great. My husband has always been very supportive however some of the looks and the comments lately have made me feel very special.

Terrific Fitness has made me feel young again I have more energy I sleep better I generally feel healthier. I watch the clock so that I don’t miss or run late for my class. I do FITNESS Circuit on a Monday and Bootcamp on Thursdays (My favourite), and have managed a few extra FITNESS Circuits on Saturdays. If I had more time I would love to get there more as they have so much more on offer, work and family commitments make it hard.

To anyone that is considering trying something new, I would say ‘What are you waiting for? Just do it for yourself. The trainers are fabulous the people that I train with are just lovely. If I can do it with a torn meniscus and shoulder injury anyone can! Just go for it!’– Sofia Bagas, Mill Park

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer