Transformation – Stephanie Galileos

Stephanie Galileos*Stephanie has made a tremendous improvement on her health and fitness over the last 2 years! Steph commenced her journey on a ‘low fat’ diet, and though lost weight, she continued on very sluggish and was ‘starving’ all the time! So in May 2012 she discovered high fat diet and realized that not only was she losing weight, but was never hungry anymore, and had plenty of energy! She lost a lot more weight eating this way and was much more satisfied all round.

Steph joined Terrific Fitness in September 2012 as she was struggling to shift the last bit of ‘stubborn fat that’s left’. Since joining TF, at her last assessment just before Christmas, Steph had lost a further 5cm from her back/chest circumference, 11cm from her waist, 5cm from her hips, and 2.5 kg bringing her overall reduction down by 26.60% Having completed a 200km bike ride for Cancer in November, her fitness and strength has improved 21.79% in those 3 months, meaning she is quite a force to be reckoned with!

Steph is due for another assessment in 3 weeks, so we will so how she is travelling. She has not finished her journey, as she has listed a few different goals in the near future, not all are pertaining to losing weight anymore! She is now able to set herself goals regarding her lifestyle, enjoying focusing on being healthy, not her on losing weight and how she looks. Looking good, of course, is a side effect of being healthy! Congratulations Steph, we are super proud of you hun!!!! You have an amazing and very inspiring story to tell!

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer