Transformation – Stephanie Mowlan

Stephanie Mowlam - Before & After*”Prior to starting with Terrific Fitness I was a size 14-16, I am now a size 10-12. During my weight loss journey, I have had a lot of friends and family compliment me on my achievements. I find it really empowering to be able to share what I have learned during my time with Terrific Fitness and see others implement these changes in their own lives. It is refreshing to know that you do not have sacrifice work and family in order to lose weight and stay healthy.I have always struggled with weight loss; I would continuously start new exercise regimes, stick at them for a short time and then lose interest. To be part of such a supportive and motivating team is the key to success. When you are struggling to find motivation, you can always count on a TF trainer to get you right back on track! They are always willing to give helpful advice on nutrition and exercise and really know their stuff. I am very grateful to have been involved with such a fantastic program and strongly recommend it to anyone struggling to lose weight.”  

Stephanie Mowlam, Reservoir

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer