Transformation – Tania Passeri

Tania Passeri*Tania joined us in March 2013, but the penny didn’t actually drop for her until late October 2013. Transformations are about ‘a decision’. You can go through the motions, but if you are not mentally ‘there’ you won’t get far. Tania arrived at her decision to commit properly in October. Since then she lost over 60cm all up right around her body, with 18.5cm being from her waist and 11cm from her hips. Her transformation is beyond the physical; it’s what’s gone on within herself that is most astounding. When Tania joined us she was shy, quiet, withdrawn, unmotivated and rarely smiled. She kept to herself with her only communication being with her sister and cousin, who also joined us. Today Tania is a hyper, happy, smiling young woman, who has made a stack of friends in TF and speaks to everyone. She is super cheeky in class egging on more Burpees just so she can get more of a workout. A few months ago asking her to exercise was a huge task; today she trains 4 times a week and has even obtained gym programs from me that she utilized over the summer break and now uses in her spare time. Her nutrition has undergone a complete 360 eating nothing but wholesome fresh food and loving it! I am crazy proud of Tania and everything that she has achieved. She is a HUGE inspiration to many around her, and the best part is, her journey has just begun! Watch this space for further developments on her journey; I can assure you, you will be seeing unbelievable things from this young lady! She inspires me!!! Don’t believe me? Here is her story in her words; tell me she isn’t amazing! I dare you! I’m so proud of you Tania!

Before I started training with TF I was extremely overweight and tired all of the time (I have an afternoon nap every weekend) I had extreme migraines and headache, I was shy and uncomfortable in certain situations, and I would walk around the block and lunchtimes and get puffed out (this was the extent of my exercise). I weighed 100.3kgs and was size 16 (pushing 18) and most of the time I wasn’t nice to be around!! I hated everything about exercise, walking the gym, you name it, it was all too hard. I would rather sleep on the couch than go to the beach and enjoy the sunshine!

When I hit 100 kg and saw a photo of myself from my sisters 30th birthday I knew it was time to do something about it. I looked so overweight and just felt bigger than ever. I wanted to do something different other than gym because I had tried that previously and it didn’t work. I had tried so many diets, they didn’t work. Around the same time I had seen a fellow work mate (Mel) who I knew lived in my area and I like TF on Facebook. It was extremely great timing! That’s where it all started.

The first time I emailed Terri was to ask her whether she did group fitness. I had a reply the same day. The email was warm, friendly and all the information I need to get my backside in to the gear and get on with it. I did a fair bit of research on TF before I started as I was nervous about my fitness level, how I would be judged because I was overweight but what I read on the website and the way Terri treated me from the very first email, I knew I was on to something  great. So I joined with my sister and cousin a few days later.

I started off doing boot camp on a Monday night Daniel’s group and he was awesome. I actually used to hear Terri screaming from the hall and thought… thank God I have Daniel!! Ha-Ha! but after training with Terri I know that Daniel is just a quieter version of Terri! They are both extremely awesome trainers. By the last round of 2013 I was doing 4 nights of circuit a week and loving every minute. This round coming up I am doing core, 2 days circuit and boxing (which I am so nervous about, but excited for the challenge at the same time). The biggest reason I stuck to this to this type of training was the training was enjoyable. The hour passed extremely quickly because I was having fun and if I had an injury or something I couldn’t do, there was always something else to do.

I think this was the biggest thing for me. I joined TF but only did one night a week boot camp and didn’t a thing with regards to what I was eating. In fact, I was eating worse than ever. Then I thought to myself, what you are doing boot camp for if you’re still going to eat rubbish. Let’s face it, I know now, you can’t out train a bad diet. So I signed up for the Nutrition workshop with Terri and wow did I learn a lot in a day. I walked away from that nutrition workshop and thought, I have to do that, this is it. I decided to make one on one nutrition consult with Terri so that I could ask more questions. I now eat a meal every 4 hours that includes protein, veggies and a source of fat. I am never hungry, I generally don’t crave sweets (I do have those moments still which I am working hard on fighting) but I feel absolutely amazing. It’s amazing how body reacts to good, nutritious food. I have not touch a form of carb (except those good ones) for over 4 months. Yes it was hard to start with, but now that I am used to it I don’t really think about it, it’s not a diet for me now, it’s the way I eat. If I want to keep seeing amazing results, it ‘s what I need to do, and those amazing results will just come with it. No pain, no loss!!

I have been training for 9 months now and I have NEVER looked back!!  My life is significantly different now and so much more enjoyable. I can’t tell you the amount of people that tell me how great I am looking. Although I am just starting out on my journey I feel amazingly different. I have cut out those afternoon naps because I no longer need them, I very rarely get migraines or headaches, and I love the gym!! I am competing in charity runs, I have the drive to get up and do things now, I have MOUNTAINS of energy and I am just a HAPPY HAPPY person. The biggest achievement for me has been that I am now starting to inspire people to get on board. Terri told me that this would happen, but I didn’t believe it. To me, helping myself is one thing, inspiring others to get healthy makes me super proud. My life has change dramatically and I can’t wait to see more change and what life is to offer as a healthier version of me!!!

I can’t say I love myself yet, but I really like the new me. I have lost 14kgs and a huge amount of cms since the day I started with TF. I feel way more confident in who I am as a person and what I want to do with my life. I’m proud of the journey I am on and commitment I have made to change my life for better. I’m proud of myself, my family are proud of me, as are my friends, but this is only beginning for me.

I love the TF community, especially the people I train with who I now call friends. Most importantly I love the trainers who I am so very grateful to, they are the ones that inspire me. They push me to my absolute limits. I love training, I love life and when you love both of this things, you don’t even think about not getting out of the ‘comfy couch’!

To anyone thinking of training with TF I would say just do it. I can honestly say that I never thought I would get to where I am now in terms of my health and fitness, but I feel awesome. I would not be where I am without the support of Terri and the rest of TF staff and team. Terri is not just a PT to me. She is the knowledge, guidance and constant support that you need to help you succeed in your weight loss journey. She inspires me every day to keep going, answer my constant questions and listen to me whinge, but she still loves me for who I am. That’s because TF is a family… and families are always there for each other. If you’re serious about training with an awesome team of people and trainers who are extremely passionate about what they do and their clients, then TF is the place” – Tania Passeri

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer