Transformation – Theo Batsakis

*Theo has been an active person for most of his life. He was involved in sport and health and fitness until he suffered a fractured leg playing soccer in 1984. Since then he became inactive and gained over 25kg. He was the chubby kid in school and was always teased and bullied throughout high school. In 1991 he had had enough and started to exercise regularly, attending the local gym 5 times a week. Within 2 years he lost over 30 kg and was working towards becoming a weight lifter. This dream was then put on hold in 1997 when he married Terri and started a family. The pressure of family and work life was too much!

In 2013 Theo took a redundancy from his employer and decided to get back into health and fitness. Theo has completed his Cert III in Fitness and is now working on completing his Cert IV. In 2012 Theo decided that he needed obtain skills in self-defense to provide protection for his family against today’s society, so he started training in Freestyle Martial Arts, and in a matter of 12 months graded for his Black Belt and is now training for his First Dan.

Having shed over 10kg in the past 12 months, Theo is well on his way to achieving his goal of regaining his fitness and definition. He sees himself as a role model for his family and hopes his kids grow up following in his footsteps. Theo has a mean right hook and when he’s throwing it you’d better stand back!