Transformation – Tima Elmaneh

tima elmaneh - before and after - cropped*Tima is such an amazing young woman, and I am sooo proud of how far she has come in such a short period of time. I’m not even going to talk about her weight loss. Her story of Unleashing the Best Version of Herself is far more important. You can see her weight loss from her photos. For now, check out where she has come from. Who knows, you may relate to part or all of her story and it may help you make the changes you feel you need, too. Tima, you rock babe!!! I love you to bits!!!

“My life before starting Terrific Fitness was miserable; I hated almost everything and I lacked so much confidence with my appearance more than anything. I used to wear long tops to hide my stomach and arms and stockings to hide my legs. I started at around a size 18. Whenever someone would pull out a camera I would hide.
My fitness level was terrible I would struggle going for a 1km walk not to mention I would get so fatigued early on during the day and crash. I was a grouch because I wasn’t happy with myself. This effected a lot of things; my attitude, personality, relationships with family and friends & work. My health most importantly took this biggest hit, especially my anxiety.

Ah man, we live in such a harsh society. At times, I remember a little while before I started training, people would make comments about how I was a “horse or a fat cow” ……. it was really upsetting to hear. I used to look in the mirror and cry when I saw myself. Then one day I stopped and was like HANG ON A SECOND. I need to change something; if anything’s going to change I need to be the one to do it, screw all the negative people around me. I was so miserable! I started looking into a couple things.

I tried things like Duromine and other things like Herbalife, which did crazy stuff to my body. I remember staying awake for extended periods of time like I wouldn’t sleep all night then go to work the next morning and my heart rate was too fast. I was a zombie. Yeah I did loose maybe a couple kilos but the minute you eat you put on almost double what you’ve lost.

I also tried the Celebrity Slim program; it definitely wasn’t for me. Your body needs proper nutrients not chemicals.

I even tried the whole don’t eat for a couple days thing and then as soon as food touched my lips I would be sick. My body freaked out, it didn’t know what to do with the food once it hit my stomach. I put on 30 plus kg in around 2-3 years. My body was at the lowest.

Funnily enough I was just on the computer because I couldn’t sleep. I was looking at a couple places. A while back I had liked the Terrific Fitness page. I had heard some good stuff and wanted to suss it out. I couldn’t believe what I saw, the transformations are unbelievable!

Like I said earlier I wasn’t confident at all, I was scared to work out in front of people because I was worried what people would think of me. Soon after I called Terri and told her how scared I was. I remember my heart pounding on the phone. As soon as I started to chat to her she was someone who was able to ease my anxiety, crazy stuff… Next thing you know I was attempting to lift my feet off the ground at core connection.

So I started off training 2 times a week with Terrific Fitness because I was scared and didn’t know what to do by myself.

I was doing Circuit and Core Connection, that was it. For me that was definitely a challenge. I remember my first Circuit class…. I didn’t want to get off the ground when I was doing my cool down and Terri just looked at me and laughed because I had given it my all.

So nowadays I’ve started going for walks, not because I have to, but I actually enjoy it. Also I’m still training twice a week with Terrific Fitness. So to sum it up I’m doing a lot more by myself than I was before because I’m more confident now that I’ve had the right coaching along the way.

You have to remember you only get out what you put in.

Nutrition was the first thing I changed. I used to eat so much take out; bad bad fatty foods. MASSIVE MEALS too and only 1 big meal a day. I’m eating more than I was before but better foods.

I still don’t eat 100% clean but you learn heaps of things everyday about nutrition so that’s something that I will definitely be looking to improve on, moving forward.

I eat heaps of greens, less white rice, I loooooooooooooveeeeeeee steaming salmon, grilling meats, salads eggs etc.

I started training with Terrific in August 2014 – so this is my 5th month.

Today, you will see me smile more often than not, I laugh. I would say I’m a different person to be around. I am a lot healthier than I was before, I used to be so ill almost every week. This has improved drastically also with combination with training and eating the right foods.

I am heaps more confident about how I feel and look now than how I did when I started Terrific Fitness. Little things from changing the way I dress adding a little bit of colour in things like that . I’m starting to wear colours, I used to wear black black black before. JEANS were my biggest nightmare, oh man!! Now I can squeeze into them! My anxiety is minimal now too!

I feel like I’m more of a patient person to be honest; my temperament has changed, attitude and little bits of my personality that disappeared, are coming back. I’ve strengthened and rebuilt lost relationships with family and friends.

I will actually appear in a couple photos too.

The Terrific Fitness community and more importantly the trainers [get me off my couch every night], words could not explain how supportive and encouraging the community is. It’s an absolute blessing to be around like minded people who have a goal and who aren’t judgmental or glare at you and make rude comments.

I am surround by some truly beautiful people.

[When asked “What would you say to someone thinking of getting started with Terrific Fitness?”] There’s so much positive to say. You have nothing to lose. You need to try it for yourself to believe it. I am glad I am apart of such a wonderful community and would recommend no other!” – Tima Elmaneh, Mill Park

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer