Transformation – Toni-Rae Gomez

Toni-Rae GomezOur beautiful Toni-Rae Gomez !!!! Toni-Rae joined TF in April 2012 when she had hit a plateau. By the end of her first Boot Camp, she had overcome that plateau. Toni-Rae makes no excuses! She has a vision of where she wants to be and there is no stopping her! We are super proud of this energetic woman who won’t let anything get in her way. Her mindset has performed a complete 360, and is now pushing her forward to places she could only have dreamed about 2 years ago. Congratulations Toni-Rae, we are sooooo proud of you!!! You’re a gun! Such an inspiration to so many other young women out there. I recently had a chat with Toni-Rae about her attitude towards training and the gym. Her statement was “they should just stop complaining and just get out there and start training!” Wise words from someone who has achieved so much! Go Toni-Rae!

β€œNew year resolutions are commitments and promises you make to yourself. For the past 2 years I’ve lived up to that. 2013’s resolution is to not only take that a step further, but also to appreciate and admire myself πŸ˜‰ bring on 2013 I say.”

Toni-Rae Gomez, Mill Park