Transformation – Zoey Baritakis

Zoey Baritakis - Before and After*Zoey Baritakis was about a size 14 when she joined Terrific Fitness in June 2012. She struggled for a number of months before finally getting serious. Today Zoey is a gorgeous size 10-12 and looks and feels amazing! She is such a fit and strong girl, we are so super proud of her! It’s amazing how much a lack of confidence can keep a person back. Here is what she has to say:

“I went through the first few months struggling to commit properly because I didn’t believe I could do it even though I saw all the success stories, I never thought I’d be able to accomplish that. Then one morning I had enough and realized that this was only going to start happening if I made it happen so I pulled my head in and committed properly! The biggest part is the Trainers, beginning to realize that you guys are there for me to support me along the way and motivate me! And that I’m not completely alone, that’s it’s ok to slip up every now and then and you guys help me back on my feet! Definitely a big part in why I’m committed now! Actually listening and taking in every bit of information you give me and post up! The only that’s working long term, I’m heaps fitter now and never thought I could do half the things I’m able to do now!”

Zoey Baritakis, Epping

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer