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Terri Batsakis Rebecca Tonkin  Liz Quonoey  Renata Lazarovska
Terri - 2014 Liz Q As at 24-03-17 Renata Lazarovska As at 19-02-17
Live Life Actively!” you only get one shot at it, make it everything!  “TF changed my life.  It has transformed me physically and mentally.” “Before TF I had no goals in place to achieve and nothing to work towards. I also didn’t have a hobby to look forward to .”
Carmela Vicidomini Joe Basile Joanne Basile Viki Trampevski
As at 30-01-17 joseph-basile joanne-basile-as-at-28-11-16 viki-t
I look at myself in the mirror and am proud of the reflection I see” Today I’m a lot fitter, more energetic, I make time for exercising where in the past I always made excuses to not do it.” “I started off wanting to exercise to lose weight but it’s now more for my sanity, my mental health, and my ‘me’ time.” “My fitness is amazing I’m strong, confident, determined and loving what I see in the mirror”
Ange Kalaitzis Kaliroy Kanavos Phoenix Ugrenovic Clare Wardell
ange-kalaitzis-as-at-24-09-16 Kaliroy As At 25-08-16 july 2016 - cropped Clare Wardell as at 29-06-16
now I don’t say ‘I can’t’ anymore I give everything a try. I found that setting goals was the best thing I could do” “I love and enjoy and have a ball at the studio. It’s become the best part of my day”” Changing our diet and lifestyle has been the best decision we have made” “What I needed was Terri and her encouragement and guidance and wisdom”
Lynne Herbert Nikki Morris Denise Knorr Kylie Ciavarella
Lynne Herbert as at 30-05-16 as at 25-04-16 as at 20-03-16 Kylie as at 23-02-16
“I am more at ease with myself and feel very comfortable in my own skin now” “I’ve learned it’s OK to put yourself first and look after me; otherwise how am I going to look after my family? “ “I feel much more myself again today.  I feel fitter and healthier and more in control of my life.”
Amelia Kolev Danielle Toull Mimma Valente Marissa Ugrenovic
Amelia Kolev - as at 22-01-16 Danielle Toull - as at 17-12-15 as at 29-11-15 Marissa Ugrenovic - before and after - 1
“I now have much more energy, motivation and self-confidence.” “My favourite motto that I live by right now is, ‘I am a girl who’s mission in life is to be comfortable in her own skin’.” “Know your value and worth and make your health a priority. You’re in the best hands and with the most knowledgeable woman I have met” “If you’re truly serious about making changes to your lifestyle, you will realize the support and knowledge is there for you to succeed “
Danielle Fancellu Meleny Dali Alicia O’Dwyer Maree Papadimitropoulos
danielle fancellu - 1 28-09-15 As at 29-06-15 (00000002) maree
“I no longer train to punish myself, I train to reward myself…and it is when I am training that I truly and unconditionally feel good about myself” “If you have faith and determination you can achieve anything “Going to training isn’t a chore. It’s ME time. Some weeks it’s the only ME time I get.” “My fitness couldn’t be better than what I’ve expected to achieve in such a short amount of time”
Carmela Athaide Anita Marney Rikki Evans Richelle Vandenberg
carmela athaide Anita Marney - before and after




“my life is so different; I have a lot more energy and feel amazing” “Happy, healthy and stronger every week” “Today I am healthier, fitter and truly happy with myself and my appearance”
Tima Elmaneh Renae Howarth Renae Tedesco Theo Batsakis

tima elmaneh - before and after - cropped

renae renae tedesco Theo Batsakis
“I have never stuck at one place this long to do with exercise. I cannot see myself being anywhere else.”
Georgette Ajouri Rachel Passeri Tiffani Meier Lauren Ioannou
georgette ajouri - before & after cropped  Rachel Passeri - before and after  

Tiffani Meier

I have not finished my journey yet, however I’m the closest I have ever been.”  “I have become so fit! I don’t walk up stairs anymore and get puffed, hell I run up steps now.” “I feel healthier, and my self confidence has increased….  I love training and wouldn’t miss it for the world!”
Sarah Layfield Nikki Bartleson Kristie Harris Kara Tomat
 Sarah Layfield  Nikki Kristie Harris - before and after Kara Tomat - Before & After
“Sarah is sleeping better, waking up easier and happier. It’s like she is seeing things that she didn’t see before..”  “Hard work pays off. Everyone has a story…… remember, YOU can write your own chapters and endings!”  ” I’ve been a member for over a year and can’t be happier.”
 Daniel Sotiropolous Rachel and Tania Emma Weakes Laura Amy
 Daniel Sotiropoulos Tania & Rachel Passeri - Before & After Emma Weekes  Laura Smith - before & after
 “The most rewarding part of all is how incredible I feel……I feel light, fresh and more energised.”
Janet Lawson John McPherson Tania Passeri Pavlina Markoski
Janet Lawson


John McPherson before & After  

Tania Passeri


Pavlina - before and after
“I love the person that I have become”  “I’m proud of the journey I am on and commitment I have made to change my life for better
Emma Grant Gamze Kirik Laura Nixon Brad Salisbury
Emms Gould

 “Now the only time I’m upset about clothes not fitting me is because they are too big.”

Gamze“It’s a community, a family. Everyone has goals and the trainers go out of their way to help.” Laura Nixon - before and after  


Bradley Salisbury - before & after


Marina Ercegovac Zoey Baritakis Rachael Chapple Amanda Princi

Marina Ercegovac - before and after

Zoey Baritakis - Before and After


Rachael Chapple - before and after 3

 Amanda Princi - before and after
Stephanie Galileos Shauna Blackbourn Pepita Olive Charlie Palmer
   shauna - before & after v2    
Stephanie Mowlam Angeline Harindar Fay and Cara Simone Bamford
     Simone Bamford - Beore & After 2
  Emma Di Simone    Julie Belani
 julie bellani - before & after