28 Day Kick-Start Challenge

​​A great kick starter to help you ​kick off your ​success to long-lasting sustainable results!

​​We help men and women aged 30-50 years, who are:

  • Looking at dropping weight and fat without crazy diets, starvation or deprivation
  • ​May have tried various diets with minimal success
  • Busy but still want to find time to invest in their health and fitness
  • May be new to training but would like to make a start
  • ​Able to train at least three times per week, either at home or in a gym
  • May have injuries or restrictions so may need help with restorative training
  • May have kids that they need to bring to training

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Why choose Terrific Fitness?

  • ​A family owned business
  • Working with a team of coaches and consultants that genuinely care
  • You are a person not a number
  • We get to know you personally, your strengths, your challenges, your goals
  • ​You will be surrounded by a community of people that genuinely support you and are rooting for your success
  • There is no bitching, no backstabbing, no judging
  • It is a community where 100% of the community will talk to you ​whether you are new, or have been around for years. There are no clicks or groups, you will never be excluded.
  • Everyone is welcome and accepted regardless of their appearance, size, fitness level, ​abilities, race etc.
  • ​It is a place where you will always feel safe, a home away from home, where you can escape life and spend a little bit of 'me' time
  • You can bring your kids if you have any, and if you need to
  • A place where you will make new friends, share a laugh and have a stack load of fun!

​Kick-Start Inclusions:

  • ​An extensive health evaluation so we can get to know you better and factor in anything that may impact your training
  • ​You will ​download our Training App where you will ​have access to daily training programs that you can complete from the comfort of your own home, if you choose to. This is compatible with iPhone or Android.
  • ​​Record your training progress on your app
  • Connect your app to your smart watch, to track your steps, heart rate and other personal stats
  • ​Connect your app to My Fitness Pal and track your calories and macros
  • Access to daily live virtual workouts whilst in lock-down, OR access live face to face classes when we are able to re-open our studio post lock-down
  • Join our online community chat forum
  • ​Access to the members only Facebook Group
  • ​​​​​​Goal Setting Consultation with our Member Liaison Consultant
  • Structural Balance Assessment & Postural Analysis with one of our coaches, which will identify any movement restrictions, weakness or limitations, so that we ​personalize your training structure, even in group class
  • Bio-Feedback analysis with one of our coaches to identify lifestyle habits, which will help your coach create a plan of success for you, from a holistic approach
  •  Meal Plans
  • ​​Recipe Packs
  • Access to live and virtual ​seminars and events


​Our 100% Proven Success System


​Book a Discovery call with one of friendly staff. This is not for us to tell you all the ways we are going to change your life; it's to see if there's a possibility of us really being able to help you. We don't know if we can help you. We do know that we need to talk to you first to determine whether or not we can. It's just a 10-15 minute call to see what your issues are and if we can help, then we'll be honest and help guide you through the process. If we can't we will refer you on to somewhere else that can, that will fit in with your lifestyle, your budget etc.


​​ ​​​If we determine we are able to help you we will run you through the process and get you started with the 28 Day Kick-Start Challenge.

This is where you will gain all of your access, receive your meal plan and recipe pack, and book in a time for your Welcome Consult which will include your Goals Setting session with our Member Liaison Consultant.

 You will also book a one hour one-on-one session with one of our coaches ​to go over your Structural Balance Assessment, Postural Analysis and Bio-Feedback analysis, so they can prepare your action plan.


​​You are now ready to start your 28 Day Kick-Start Challenge!

This is where the stress stops and the fun begins.

Where you start to see yourself making those changes you have longed for.

Where you get the first sight of your true potential.

This is the first day, of the rest of your life!

Unleash the Best Version of You

​We continue to create long lasting results!

​​Collectively our coaches have over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry.

Don't let fear of success, hold you back any longer.

Long lasting results

​​Could you be our next success story?

​"Before TF I was not very confident and to be honest I don’t even think I liked myself very much.  One year on, I am very different from the person who started in 2019. I am happier, healthier, stronger and have more confidence, I like myself more and am not afraid of the mirror. So if you are thinking about joining TF, don’t think about it, make the choice to join. I am sure like me, you won’t regret it. Everyone is very nice and the staff are helpful and knowledgeable.”

– Effie Korakas, Mill Park

"​Stop thinking DO IT! Call today don’t wait, my only regret is that I wished I signed up again sooner! I’m afraid of gyms, they make me feel so paranoid and judged but this is not like that at all; it feels so much more personal, the staff are so friendly and supportive.”

– Zainab Daoud, Watsonia North

Why Train with Terrific Fitness


Terrific Fitness

Other Personal Training Facilities

training icon 6

​​Welcome consultation:

​Complete with a health evaluation, lifestyle assessment and weigh in.

None, or Limited Assessments. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

training icon 1

​Online Training and/or face to face training:

​Train from the ​safety of your own home with ​our training app that gives you a PT in your pocket, with full accountability, track progress, live virtual group workouts and community engagement and/or train face to face in our studio when gyms are not in lock-down.

​​Live virtual workouts only or face to face workouts, with no accountability, no ability to track progress, no community engagement.

training icon 9


​Access to our online coaches that assist with improving your nutrition whilst fitting healthy eating into your lifestyle. ​ Meal plans and recipes packs.

Generic meal plans that do not give you long term sustainable results. No coach assistance.

training icon 7

​Suitable for all Fitness Levels:

​​Training workouts that tailor to individual needs regardless of any possible restrictions.

​Generic 'one size fits all' type training workouts.

training icon 2

​Track Your Progress:

Track your reps, set and time in your workouts so that you can track your progress. Rate the difficulty of the workout ​so our coaches can keep challenging you.

No ability to track progress so your progress often stagnates or plateaus.

training icon 3

​Access to our ​Coaches:

​Contact the coaches whenever you need, have a question or want to share a win.

​No out of session contact with the coaches.

Terrific Fitness

Other Personal Training Facilities

Extensive Assessments:

We cover a variety of assessments including health evaluation, bio-feedback assessment, nutrition analysis, body composition analysis, postural analysis and structural balance assessment. Together all of this information helps us take a holistic approach to your success.

None, or Limited Assessments. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Personalized Programming:

All training programs are tailored specifically to your needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’, no generic programs and there are no cut and paste programs. Personalized programs give your personalized results.

‘One size fits all’ programming which do not meet your individual needs, as they do not take into account your strengths, weaknesses, fitness level or progress.

Personalized Nutrition Planning:

Your nutrition is tailored specifically to your body’s needs taking into account, your goals, likes, dislikes, culture & religion, allergies, intolerances, preferences, and lifestyle. When you eat food that nourishes your mind, body and soul, it becomes a lifestyle that sets you up for long lasting sustainable success.

Generic meal plans that do not give you long term sustainable results.

Holistic Approach:

Becoming a better version of yourself doesn’t happen with just food and exercise. Growth is required in your mindset and lifestyle. That’s why we take a holistic approach to optimize your results.

Focus on just exercise and possibly nutrition without factoring in any other factors in life that could be hindering progress.

Progress Development:

Every phase of training is carefully constructed to meet your needs at the time. As your mobility, strength and fitness develop, so too does your training progress. Each phase is progressed to keep you improving without becoming stagnant or plateauing.

No progression so progress stagnates or plateaus.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee:

If after your third session you are not 100% satisfied with the service you receive you can cancel your package and received 100% refund.

No Guarantee

Your time to shine is now!

​​​​​If you are still reading it means there is something in your heart that you really want to achieve. Stop letting your skepticism, self-talk, insecurities, fear or anxiety hold you back. It is time to stop wishing and start making it happen. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be who you want to be. You deserve to do what you want to do. You deserve to focus on you for a change. You deserve to let your heart sing.

After all, why not you?!

Stop hesitating. Stop procrastinating. Click on ‘​Book Now’ ​, to ​book your Discovery Call today!


Do you want results like these? ​Book Now

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Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or fitness regime.
Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are required to achieve and maintain weight loss.
When registering for Online Training you ​acknowledge that it is a condition of participating in this activity that you do so at ​your own risk.
You recognize the difficulties associated with the activity and attest you are physically fit to participate safely in the activity and that a qualified medical practitioner has not advised ​you otherwise.

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