Everyone deserves to look and feel amazing and confident! Download your package info now, so you can get started.

You deserve to look and feel amazing and confident. You are tired of being treated as a swipe card or a number, and want to be treated as the awesome person you are. You are looking for long lasting results without deprivation and hunger, somewhere you can get nutrition coaching and support. You are looking for somewhere you can train and feel safe and looked after, somewhere you can have fun and still train hard. You are looking for a family based business that understands you and cares about you, not some latest fad chain.

You are looking for somewhere where you can bring your kids. You are looking for a place where you get support and inspiration so that you can feel motivated to keep going when it gets tough. You are looking for a place that will keep you accountable and assess your progress and celebrates your successes with you. You can stop looking. You found us. Download your package info now and get started on the new you.


Terrific Fitness is a family business that provides a community within the local community.

Your results are our number one priority which is why we focus on so much more than just your training. We mentor you in all areas including your nutrition, mindset, lifestyle and overall well-being, whilst providing you with exceptional support.

Our vision at Terrific Fitness was to create a place where friends and family could train together and support one another. A place where you could meet new friends and feel at ease the minute you walk through the door. That is exactly what we have created. Right down to our free kids’ room for the little people in your life.

You are currently participating in team sports or attending a gym lifting weights and would like to add one class per week to your current training regime. You want to be able to improve your fitness and overall conditioning so need that personalised touch that comes with training in our classes. Download your package info for prices, class timetable and package inclusions.

You are fairly new to exercise, or it’s been a while, and you want to get back into it. You want to start building on your strength and fitness but you don’t want to go too hard too fast, so you only want to train twice per week to get your started. Download your package info for prices, class timetable and package inclusions.

You are ready and serious about transforming your body composition and want to do whatever it takes to finally see the results you have been longing for, for so long. You want to lean up and start toning up, you want to look and feel fit and healthy. You aren’t interested in looking muscular necessarily, just nice and toned and want to feel happy and confident in your own skin and clothes. You want to train a number of times per week with a supportive and inspiring team that you can celebrate your wins with. Download your package info for prices, class timetable and package inclusions. 

We help you get to and stay at, your ideal weight, so you can be comfortable in your own skin again.

What will your success story say?



Craig’s Plantar Fasciitis and knees were so bad he could barely walk before starting at Terrific Fitness!

Amy was so desperate to lose weight she had booked in for weight loss surgery. She cancelled it after joining Terrific Fitness and dropping over 15kg.




Other Group Programs

Personalised Classes

You have general aches and pains, maybe even an injury or two and find although you are capable of training, nobody will help you because you have all these restrictions. It’s refreshing to finally find a place that will not only cater for you, but even help you improve those aches and pains so you can move more freely. So great to finally find a place where the coaches are not only Personal Trainers, but Rehabilitation and Mobility Specialists. Now you can finally train and not feel so incapable.

You just can’t participate because of their set programs and their ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We Won’t Let You Fail!

Sometimes you need to miss a class because you aren’t feeling well or get stuck at work. Sometimes you get the real CBFs and one sessions turns into two, then three and you eventually feel like you are making donations to the gym. You are so stoked that you have finally found a place that will check in with you if you don’t attend and help you stay motivated and accountable without wasting your money.

Nobody notices or calls you if you don’t turn up.

Save Money

Sometimes life happens and you need to miss a session. You hate wasting money forfeiting fees just because you’re sick or stuck at work. It’s so awesome to be able to click into your personal profile on your mobile device and simply reschedule your class without losing any money.

You miss your session you forfeit the fees for that session with no option to make it up.

Programs That Actually Work

You have participated in so many different programs and are super excited to join a company that has been around since 2010, that has tried and tested the system, and knows what works and what doesn’t. You know that reputation and evidence of numerous success stories is the way to go, not gimmicks or the latest fad. You know that you need scientifically and clinically formulated programs that actually work, and are stoked to finally find exactly that.

Standard ‘one size fits all’ sessions, with no proven structure.

Never Repeat a Program Again

You are so over repeating the same programs, the same mundane choreography, the same routine that you could almost instruct yourself. You want to find something that is different each and every session, that will challenge you and push you, and leave you wanting more. How energizing is it to finally find that.

Computer generated programs and instructed by television screens with repetitive routines.

Certified Personal Trainers

You work hard for your money so when you invest in something, you want to know you are getting the best value for money you can. You don’t want some rookie, instructor that did some 10 week online course training you. You want to train with certified Personal Trainers that know the human body inside out and will give you the maximum attention and results possible. You are so hungry to get started now that you have finally found somewhere that has Personal Trainers teaching classes as well as one on one PT.

Conducted by Group Fitness Instructors with limited knowledge and expertise.

24/7 Team Support

Attending training is the easy part for you. It’s the other 23 hours of the day that you struggle with. Finally finding a place that can give you that around the clock support you long for, is so comforting because now you will finally start kicking some serious goals. You can’t do it on your own, and it’s so cool knowing you no longer need to.

Limited or no support.

Personally Assessed Progress

You refuse to weigh yourself, you avoid the camera like the plague and no matter what you try, you are certain nothing is changing. Until someone holds your hand and walks you through the process and shows you just how far you have actually come. Until they show you your progress numbers, and those awesome comparative photos and you can finally see that yes, your body is finally coming to the party and changing. And knowing that it is all part of the complete package of support and success, with no hidden extras, makes it even more worthwhile.

Assessments often not provided and if they are they are expensive add-ons.


You want to train and feel safe and supported. You want to make friends and have fun whilst you get fit and change your life. You want a place that is a home away from home, somewhere you no longer have to drag yourself to attend. You want to feel motivated and inspired. You want to feel free to be you without judgement. You finally feel like you have found that happy place.

No community. No support.

Nutrition For Life Without Dieting

Restrictive diets leave you feeling deprived and hungry. And when you stop the diet, you put all the weight back on with interest. You are excited to finally learn how to eat for fat loss without deprivation or fad dieting, using real food in real life situations. You are excited to learn what to eat for long lasting results.

Unrealistic restrictive diets that leave you hungry and yo-yo dieting.

Your Kids Can Come Too

You have kids and can’t always find someone to care for them so you can train, and feel like life is passing you by and you are missing out. How exciting is it that you can bring your kids with you to training and have them play in a kids room next to you, so you can finally get some you time back!

Expensive child care fees with pre-booking requirements or no child care facilities at all. Which means, no you time.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

You are so stoked that you can train and know that if you are not 100% happy you can get your money back, no questions asked! Risk free is always awesome!

No guarantee provided.

Don’t risk an injury or temporary results training with the latest chain fad companies.

Select a company that has stood the test of time and brings you exclusive personalised service with a 100% Proven Success System. Think 5 star restaurant versus fast food. Terrific Fitness are 5 stars.

Call 94041494 try a class FREE today and see for yourself.




  • 1 Call 94041494 to claim your ‘Free training pass’ to secure your spot in the next class. OR Download your package info for more information.

    Spaces for free trials are limited, so apply today to reserve your date.

  • 2 On your scheduled day, visit us at 2/5 Danaher Drive, South Morang 3752.

    Come dressed in your workout clothes. We’ll measure your current weight and body fat percentage and discuss your goals.

  • 3 You’ll join a live training session.

    Try out the vibe and structure of Terrific Fitness classes. Talk to the other people in your class, ask the trainers questions, and take a tour.
    I guarantee you’ll love the energy and positivity in the studio.

  • 4 Join the community at Terrific Fitness.

    If we agree that Terrific Fitness is right for you, then you’ll be invited to join. You’ll get your book “Unleash the Best Version of You” written by Terrific Fitness founder Terri Batsakis, Recipe Books and Nutrition Guide, Facebook Group Invite, and schedule of classes, to get you started on your transformation journey.




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